Jaką karmę wybrać dla kota?

Jaką karmę wybrać dla kota?

Your first decision when choosing a food for your cat should be based on your budget. You want to provide your cat with the best nutrition possible, but you can’t break the bank buying the highest quality food available. That’s okay because there are plenty of budget-friendly options available today. When comparing brands of cat food, check out the nutritional information on the labels. Some brands contain more meat than others, so your cat may only enjoy certain flavors.

A good first choice is canned food. Feed your adult cat 1/2 5.5-oz. cans twice a day. For younger cats, half a three-ounce can may be sufficient. It has been proven that a balanced diet is best for a cat, and canned food has the right balance of nutrients. If you give your cat only one kind of food, he may develop urinary tract disease or become overweight.

While many cats don’t enjoy fruits or vegetables, they are excellent sources of nutrients for your cat. Fruits and vegetables are packed with fiber and water, which aid in digestion. Don’t give your cat raw fish, though. Eggs are another great source of protein, but your cat should only eat cooked versions. Raw ones can be dangerous for your cat’s digestion. Also, make sure to avoid cheese and oats, as they contain harmful additives.

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Another good way to tell if a cat food is high in protein is by checking its ingredient list. Choose one with the highest protein content. Ensure that it contains taurine and arachidonic acid, two essential amino acids that your cat needs. Try to avoid food that contains artificial colors or flavors and has known carcinogens. A good food for your cat should contain 12% or 30% protein and 4% fat. A good food will include by-products and grains before it comes to meat.

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